Tuhan Tak Melihat Siapa Kita Semalam, Tuhan Melihat Siapa Kita Hari Ini :)

All About C.H.E.N.T.A


 Hai and assamualaikum everyone!

Known as chenta aira but you can call me chenta for short. I am batch 1994 but always feel like forever 19. A future wife to Aiman. I have recently graduated from University with a bachelor degree. A full time blogger since 2011. I'm an employer. Clearly, I have a lot more work to do right now.
Writing is my passion. This is my way to keep and share all the moments of my day. 
It’s still kind of nice to have a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings whenever I want. FYI, it’s a  little cheaper than therapy! My writing comes pure from the heart, since I'm naturally an honest person. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I do :)

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Write with love,
chenta aira